12 Celebrity Eyebrow Transformations Making Us Feel #Blessed For Surviving The 00s

Step away from the tweezers.

Nicole Kidman Eyebrows Before And After

Let's be honest, the fateful noughties eyebrow happened to us all. Is it wrong that we sort of blame Kate Moss?

Overplucked, super thin 'tadpole' brows were the celebrity look du jour, but since then? Well, let's just say our brow obsession (and a revelation that it just made our foreheads look massive) has lead to a much-needed face-framing overhaul.

From Victoria Beckham's 'fashion brow' transformation to Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani's minimal to natural eyebrow make-over, these are the celebrity eyebrow before and afters you need to see.

Victoria Beckham Eyebrows Before And After
Victoria Beckham

There's been more than a few theories behind VB's brow straightness to high fashion status correlation but either way we're glad she's ditched the slimline arches.

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Rita Ora Eyebrows Before And After
Rita Ora

In an unexpected turn of events, Rita Ora swapped her signature platinum blonde hair and dark statement brows for a more natural all over caramel vibe earlier this year.

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Megan Fox Eyebrows Before And After
Megan Fox

A prime example of how a single-thickness arched brow can add a whole lot of Hollywood class.

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Margot Robbie Eyebrows Before And After
Margot Robbie

To the untrained eye Margot Robbie's eyebrow transformation is a subtle one. But to us? Well, let's just say we spotted that thickness increase and arch drop from a mile away.

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Jennifer Lopez Eyebrows Before And After
J Lo

It's official - flash photography was no one's friend in the noughties. Highlighting J Lo's sparse brows, we're glad she's gone for a more camera-friendly look of late.

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Angelina Jolie Eyebrows Before And After
Angelina Jolie

Ok, for some reason we kind of love vintage Angelina's bonkers eyebrows. Like, is she kind of pulling them off? Just us...

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Nicole Kidman Eyebrows Before And After
Nicole Kidman

With seemingly a life of their own, Nicole Kidman's eyebrows were at one point crawling away from her face. Thankfully, in recent years, the actress has managed to lock them down to form the perfect natural arch.

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Adele Eyebrows Before And After

And our love for Adele just hit new heights. Proving that a well-groomed eyebrow (and a dash of contouring) can genuinely transform a face, we love that even the goddess that is Adele made this classic make-up mistake.

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Gwen Stefani Eyebrows Before And After
Gwen Stefani

The queen of uber thin eyebrows, Gwen Stefani has come a long way since her No Doubt make-up days. Just check that browbone highlighter action #browgoals.

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Drew Barrymore Eyebrows Before And After
Drew Barrymore

A perfect example of what we like to call the 'comma', Drew Barrymore's brows could have lived a previous life on Betty Boop. Thankfully Drew returned them and groomed her own eyebrows into perfection.

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Christina Aguilera Eyebrows Before And After
Christina Aguilera

'What a girl wants...' is eyebrows you can actually see. Christina Aguilera wins our award for most subtle eyebrows of all time. Fast forward, and they've made a major comeback.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Eyebrows Before And After
Sarah Jessica Parker

Yup, even style-maven Sarah Jessica Parker fell foul of the tweezers. These days we're all about her brushy, natural-looking eyebrows.

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