Literal Nails Glued To Brows Is A Trend Now, So Hop On Board

Not to put too fine of a ~point~ on it.


Hey! It's a brand-new day, in a brand-new week, and do you know what that means? Someone did some random shit with their eyebrows again! Yay! It's brow time!

We'd like to present to you the most fascinating and dangerous and weird and shoulder-shrugging brow look we've seen all year (though, note: It's barely 2018): nail brows. We'll give you a wild guess as to what the look entails. Give up? It's nails! Literal wall nails glued onto your brows like you're trying to be mistaken for the Game of Thrones Night King.

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posted the brows last night on Instagram with the caption, ' nailed a flawless complexion, creating this canvas using concealer creme, translucent setting powder and setting mist.'

Milan Bauranov, a Serbian make-up artist and architecture student, back in April of 2017, though it appears to have only been unearthed by Kat Von D last night (and then spotted by ).

This ain't Bauranov's first time at the brow rodeo, though—his Instagram is full of intricate and pretty damn cool brow looks, which we'd never wear in real life, but certainly enjoy staring at on Instagram. Check 'em out, below, and please be careful when handling your own box of nails at home.

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