Zoe Dubs

Glory Writer

Our resident Clark Kent is a finance professional by trade and a beauty expert 24-7. Zoe tries the latest products and treatments with an honest, IRL approach whilst sharing her beauty tips (and lessons) along the way.

Sleep Masks
Skincare Update: Why Sleep Masks Are The New Sheet Masks

'Glory sleep' just got a whole new meaning

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Stealth Tanning
70s fashion vintage retro style
Set Your Inner Hippie Free: 7 Tips For Paying Homage To The 70s

Channeling the vintage dream just got a lot easier

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skin essences asian models backstage fashion
Facial Essences - What You Need To Know About The Korean Skincare Sensation

Your cleanse and tone routine just gained a major player

Diesel SS17
Why Acupuncture Is The Celeb-Approved Way To Fix Any Body Concern

You might look like a human hedgehog but you'll get GREAT skin.

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asian model backstage at Paris fashion week
How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger With These Simple Make-up Tricks

Small eyes will rival Bambi with these simple makeup tricks

street style coloured hair rainbow hair blue hair
5 Ways To Add Colour To Naturally Dark And Black Hair

Would you love beautiful pastel highlights and jewel tones, but want to avoid bleached, porous, split ends?

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