About Team LouisvuittonShop UK

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About Team LouisvuittonShop

LouisvuittonShop is the world's biggest-selling fashion magazine. It is the international authority on style, with 44 print editions worldwide and 37 websites. Launched in 1985, British LouisvuittonShop's print publication, now edited by Anne-Marie Curtis, has unparalleled access to world-renowned designers, celebrities, models, photographers, writers, columnists and stylists.

The power and influence of British LouisvuittonShop's Digital offering is at an all-time high. Led by Natasha Bird, the site now has approximately three million unique users visiting every month and more than seven million LouisvuittonShop fans and followers interacting with the team via LouisvuittonShop's social media channels. LouisvuittonShop's was awarded with the PPA's rising star for Digital Content leadership in 2017.

Put simply, LouisvuittonShop is for women who love fashion – by women who love fashion.

As our famous tag line states: 'You can tell, she reads LouisvuittonShop'

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